5 Common Mistakes Women Make While Dating

While dating, women will make these 5 common mistakes to get a guy to like them. We may think that our actions will make the man want us when all it does is show our emotional immaturity and vulnerabilities.And it’s not that the guy will stop dating you but he is less likely to take you seriously or the relationship to the next level. He will see your actions as just a game to get what you want and likewise, he will play his own game.A real man will communicate his intentions to you and encourage you to be real with yours so that you both can move beyond any socially, defined gender role playing to just being oneself. And if you are unable to do that he will undoubtedly find a woman who can.Before you go out on that next online date with some guy you are hot for, try not making these 5 common mistakes most women will make while dating.· Being easy (having little or no physical or emotional boundaries)· Being his emotional rescuer (a lot of women seem to possess either an innate or conditioned desire to want to fix the men they attract)· Playing the victim (life is hard for almost everyone and you are no different)· Being too judgmental (this is a huge downer and is an indication of a much deeper uneasiness)· Dependency or Codependency (if you are unable to be an emotionally mature adult, dating is not something that you need to be doing)As you can see some of these mistakes will require some degree of constraint on your part to overcome. If you have always thrown yourself to every man you meet, trying to develop a new style of doing things will be challenging at first but when you recognize that what you have been doing up to this point is not working, the effort is well worth it. And if you’re doing online dating, taking things slower is necessary is you plan to really get to the know the other person.In fact, you should write down your intentions surrounding what it is you want and then plan out a strategy that will require you to be the best you. In no way do you need to fake your authenticity but rather you can allow the true you to emerge over the baggage that disguises you. This is the way to the freedom of being if you choose it.