Be Adult About Your Adult Acne – Here Are Some Key Tips

Adults dealing with acne face some of the same problems as teenagers – but adult acne also poses some entirely new challenges too.The problem of adult acne affects a very significant percentage of the adult population and to some extent is overshadowed by the teenage acne tsunami that seems to have swamped the teens. However that doesn’t mean adults need to be ignored in their pressing skin care problem.The simple fact is, adult acne is not like teen acne and it is no good using the same products that teenagers use. You need to recognize the different characteristics of adult acne and deal with them too.Adult acne actually affects around twenty per cent of adults under 40 years of age. The causes are largely similar to ‘teen acne’, if that term can be used, but there are quite separate issues in treatment given the age of the acne sufferer.One of the most common problems for adult acne sufferers is that they have fallen into bad habits with skincare that may have developed over many years. These habits may be connected with diet, water consumption, skin care treatment products or anything else – must be accomplished effectively if treatment of their adult acne is to be at all successful.One of the worst aspects of dealing with those with adult acne is their use of cosmetics and other skin care products that are laden with chemicals and can have a cumulatively damaging effect on the skin. You don’t need telling as an adult acne sufferer that you’re skin has been around longer than you may want to think about! But have you been using products that don’t agree with it? Or which are not suitable?The answer in many cases is ‘yes’.There are a variety of cosmetics and body lotions, including aftershave lotions, for instance, that can lead to a number of skin conditions that aggravate the skin and acne. These can create stress in the skin that in turn can lead to your oil glands that become laden with bacteria and, of course, to acne subsequent conditions. This is what you need to ‘beat’ by changing not only habits, but also skin care products and your skin care regime.So examine your skin care products and make sure you’re using something that is suitable and not harming or stressing your skin. There is plenty to read about on this area and more on my site about what products you may find safe and what are unsafe, but the main criteria is your own skin type and the severity of your acne.Adults should be wary of using many products or taking medication and pills that might have side effects leading to acne. Non-acnegenic products should be used, along with oil-free gels, moisturizers and cleansers.These are things that adults can take into their own hands very easily and in doing so they can be not only reducing the chances (or eliminating the chances altogether) of acne, but also creating a healthier lifestyle and body.As usual, ensuring you are cleaning properly is also basic advice and adults need to ensure that they are getting good skin cleansers, including ingredients like sulfur and zinc masks, to make sure they’re using the right ingredients on their skin.Exfoliating or cleaning not to scrub too hard, which can lead to irritation and inflammation. Often a good scrub containing alpha-hydroxy acids is effective too.Then check out my course and articles. Adult acne treatment is available and more simple – and natural – than you might think.